Monday, May 18, 2015

fruit snaks

its weard and sorda groos to me just cuzso im sorry fruit snack lovers
      hello my name is unknown but you can call me m.r. awesome just a heads up i cnt spell or gramers good so yea i shall be make or find the most likely foods to make you have diabetes aka the most tastyest most of wich will be deepfryed or eqilly amazing

frosting just frosting

its well overly sweet and its disturbing and gross if not on cookies or cake its got a good texture but uhhh i like it its an unpoopular opinion and well i like it because of the same reason as most don't its sweet


ok not my favorite candy but its still pretty good if i little dry its still good however your moth will be so dry you'll need some water its so dry but the ingredients go together well ish its not as good as some make it out to be

Monday, April 13, 2015

lucky chams marshmallow

ok so it was my sisters birthday yesterday and i got a  pound of lucky charms marshmallows so i thought that i wold do a blog on this because its not healthy and yea they are good in small doses as in big doses and sickeningly sweet although its texture is good its odd but good like i sead

Saturday, March 21, 2015


for what it is its really good for five bucks and there is to much for me to finish and i really like the fact they turn it upside down wich if they did at mcdondalds it wold be on the table so yea that wold be gross bucuse you think thats milk so yea its high qwalaty

Monday, February 23, 2015


hi this time im eating a cazookie its a cookie but it has 2 cookie dugas and is not fully cooked and has ice crem here it is in all its glory

its texture was soft and chewey and like the best way to discribe it is buttery its just like it felt warm if that makes sence like not in temeture like i guess uhg you have to taste it to get it i highly recomend it look for the choklet in utah its good thare and its signatre dish is the cazookie

its flavor was amazing me and my brother got penut butter and choklet chip doe its just indiscribibly good like augh im getting hungery just eat it yerself

                             dieabetes chance if eaten high